First General Services of South Central PA

Fire Damage Restoration

When a fire happens, this can create extensive damage to
both the interior and exterior of a home. Many times a home
will not only suffer damage from the fire, but also from the
water that put the fire out.

Often water damage restoration is the first step in providing
fire damage restoration. In many cases, there are large
volumes of water used in putting out the fire, which can
create a large wet mess inside the structure.

Beginning the water restoration will ensure that the home is
dry before starting on any repairs to the structure.
Regardless of your choice in who will be repairing the home
you should carefully consider having the home dried
properly fire. Mold prevention is important for the many
years you will continue living in your home.

The size and scope of fire damage restoration jobs can
vary. This means that there can be minimal fire damage
(such as a kitchen fire) or smoke damage to a structure
(from a neighbor's fire) or the loss can mean completely
remodeling from the roof to the basement (whole house fire).
First General Services is equipped to handle any job, big or

First General personnel are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week for those times when mitigation services and / or
property protection is needed. In other words, sometimes
the building needs to be boarded up so no one can enter the
premises and to keep more damage from happening. You
would be surprised at the number of windows and doors
vandals and thieves will try to enter to see what valuables
they can take from your home or business after a disaster.

When there is a fire in a structure, it cannot be ignored for
long. It is necessary to start the fire damage restoration
immediately to eliminate any further damages from
occurring. It is important to get the savable contents out and
remove the fire contamination from the building so that all
can be restored back to pre loss condition.

What this means is the beds, dressers, and clothing you
have in the home should be removed for the cleaning and
deodorizing process to start right away. First General is a
full service company, providing content cleaning for homes
and business settings. We pack out the house of all the
contents that can be cleaned, deodorized and stored. This
includes your dishes, pans, beds, dressers, racks, storage
containers, decorations, clothing and more.

Fire contamination is the removal of the stove that caught
on fire, removal of the bed or couch which was burning and
created the smoke throughout the home. Removing the fire
contamination can only be started after the fire marshal
clears the scene which is usually within a day or two of the
fire, but a step that you must be aware of before making
decisions to remove items from the home.

First General Services wants every customer to feel
comfortable. Being able to trust a restoration company is
important and this is what First General Services prides in.
We will take you through the process of what happens, how
it happens, and involve you in the process of understanding
the project beginning with the estimate of repairs.