Water Damage Restoration

In many instances of residential loss, the primary area of concern involves the kitchen.  As part of the complete restoration services offered by First General Services, our expert carpentry staff can repair and refinish many damaged cabinet settings without removal.  In the event the cabinets must be removed for work, they are transported to our wood working shop for repair and storage until ready for return to the home.  FGS also offers a full selection of new replacement products that can be installed with a minimum of delay and inconvenience.

Kitchen cabinet repair, replacement, and refinishing

Vandalism clean up

First General Services provides emergency services for the clean up of hazardous materials such as oil.  Through the use of our industrial absorbents and specialty products, we can ensure that your property will be cleaned, deodorized, and free of contaminated waste.

Pack-out services and storage

Board-up service

Water damage worsens with every passing hour. The more immediate the response and the quicker that water damage removal and clean-up begins, the less damage and the faster you are back to normal. Costly issues can arise within seventy two hours if they are not addressed quickly. Only certified restoration professionals such as First General Services can handle water damage restoration. Returning your property to its dry state is a fine science that requires the right amount of time and equipment, and monitoring. We work to stabilize the environment and minimize any impact to the occupants. We commit to a two hour response time under normal circumstances and use sufficient drying equipment to complete stabilization in the shortest period possible.

The Soda-Blast Cleaning System was created and used for the Statue of Liberty restoration, and is now in use across America.  This system utilizes a baking soda mixture applied in various air pressure settings to clean and deodorize surfaces marred by smoke, water, weather, chemicals, graffiti, etc. without damaging the original entity.  It can be used on a variety of surfaces including pavement, concrete, wood, metal, glass; hard, as well as some porous.

soda-blasting system

In most losses, the residential or commercial customer will require the removal and/or demolition of items (contents, structure, etc.) damaged in the event.  First General Services has a full range of equipment to deal with this aspect of the loss, ranging from small front end loaders, full size dump trucks, dumpsters, and dumpster haulers, etc.  First General Services' staff are experienced in losses of all sizes and will assign all necessary professional capabilities as dictated by the individual loss.

Demolition and disposal

Our trained technicians at First General Services will clean and deodorize your property promptly, professionally, and discreetly in your time of need. First General Services will remove, package, transport, and dispose of the contaminated waste.  In addition, we can repair all structural damage that may have occurred.  Our goal is to lessen the emotional trauma of family members and friends by removing physical evidence of the scene, and at the same time, restoring the scene to a clean state.

Our on-call emergency service team is available  to secure your investment property (commercial or residential locations) twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

Our professionals have the equipment and experience necessary to handle the most challenging of situations. First General Services have the technology and equipment to handle all types of structural drying, regardless of how large the building or the amount of water involved in the water loss. Prompt action makes a difference when assessing structural damage to property. First General Service technicians concentrate on safely drying, deodorizing, and disinfecting the areas flooded or damaged by water.

Steam cleaning

First General Services recently acquired the latest state of the art duct cleaning equipment to address this specialized problem.  In the aftermath of a loss, residue resulting from fire, smoke, water, as well as mold/mildew may linger in heating/cooling ducts, creating additional future problems. FGS can now bring to bear the latest technology to fully mitigate any lingering problems relative to odor, smoke contaminates and mold/mildew.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Over the years, First General Services has developed a full scale industrial facility in our shop and storage building.  This on site facility allows for the detailed inventory of all items that may have been damaged in the fire, smoke, water loss... residential or commercial.  All items are maintained in a climate controlled environment where they are assessed as to damage and their potential for salvage.  Every effort is made to restore personal effects to their pre-loss condition utilizing the latest cleaning techniques and equipment.

Water and sewer damage

When there is severe structural damage to your home or commercial property, First General Services can professionally move out your salvageable items in effort to prevent further damage. Our experienced movers will carefully pack, shrink wrap, and inventory your personal belongings and transport them to our own climate-controlled storage facility.  Items are then cleaned, deodorized, and securely stored.

Smoke damage continues to penetrate and attack exposed surfaces long after the fire is "out". Boarding up of unprotected openings of the property (commercial or residential) prevents additional damages and vandals from taking advantage of your disaster. Once the site is protected and stable, a thorough scope of damages an be assessed. Only experienced fire damage and smoke damage restoration experts such as First General Services can eliminate any residual smoke odor and return the property to its ideal condition. We commit to a two hour response time under normal circumstances and will use sufficient cleaning resources to complete stabilization in the shortest period possible.

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In the event of a large commercial loss when restaurant/kitchen equipment is involved, lingering residue resulting from fire, smoke, water, may require mitigation at the loss site. FGS has acquired the latest in specialized steam cleaning equipment affording us the capability of restoring saved equipment from further damage and to near new operating condition.

As a small part of our complete line of restoration services, First General Services has construction personnel experienced in all phases of masonry and tile work.  This experience is brought to bear on special projects involving bathrooms, kitchens, recreation rooms, utility rooms, and large scale commercial work.  All aspects of masonry and tile repair and/or replacement can be accomplished with a minimum of disruption due to the experience of FGS personnel.

Masonry and tile

With our certified restorers, First General Services can handle any size commercial or residential loss.  Whether the damage is from a broken pipe or a sewer backup, FGS has the capabilities to extract, clean, sanitize, and dry out your structure quickly and thoroughly.  Moisture is pinpointed, monitored, and dried through the use of specialty equipment.  Anti-microbials, disinfectants, sanitizers, and/or deodorizers are applied.  Monitoring equipment is used to assess and monitor a loss.  Large inventory of residential and commercial drying and dehumidification equipment in stock.  Insurance company oriented.

Crime scene clean-up

duct cleaning services

dry cleaning

Oil Spill clean up

Fire and smoke damage restoration

First General Services maintains the highest standard of training in the latest cleaning and deodorizing techniques and products available.  Together with out extensive inventory of cleaning equipment, this capability allows FGS to mitigate fire, smoke, water damaged items with a lessened cost to the owner/insurer.  Carpets and upholstery can be cleaned and deodorized either on site, or if necessary transported to our shop for specialized treatment/cleaning.

First General Services' experienced Project Managers/Estimators have years of experience in assessing residential and commercial structures that is brought to bear in the preparation of accurate repair estimates for any size loss.  A detailed estimate is prepared utilizing the latest computer generated estimating techniques and reviewed with the property owner and/or the insurer.  All resulting work is then completed in accordance with the estimate and resulting work authorization (contract).

First General Service is an emergency first responder in the event of acts of vandalism necessitating immediate action.  In the event of a break-in, our 24/7 emergency response team will secure the property and prevent further damage/loss.  With specialized cleaning capabilities, FGS' personnel can mitigate graffiti-type issues at a fraction of the cost of traditional cleaning methods, returning the property to pre-loss condition with minimal interruption and/or delay.

Our results-oriented team works hard to deliver unparalleled service and always provides 24-hour emergency response, 365 days a year. First General Services offers a wide range of property damage restoration services to property owners. Whatever restoration service you require, our standard protocol is as follows:

- Find and determine the cause, the extent, and special issues related to your insurance claim with policyholder assistance, for presentation to your insurer.
- Complete the required emergency stabilization services for possessions and structure as required.
- Generate follow up reports complete with photographs and estimates for policyholder and adjuster use and await authorization to proceed.
- Develop project schedule for contents and structure and provide solutions to any issues that may arise.
- Photo or videotape the site.
- Pack, tag, take inventory and sort all content items.

- Develop a plan for handling the contents and provide policyholder with documentation as to damages and restoration of contents..

Damage Restoration

Structural Drying