Cleaning Services Offered

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Odor Removal

With our top of the line system, we can remove most odors. We will seal off the area. Insert our equipment. Let it run for the recommended amount of time. When its finished it should have neutralized the odor. We may have to do a cleaning of the area before we use our odor neutralizing system. This works for mildew smell, smoke smell, oil and gas spills, or most odors that are offensive.

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Sewage and Bio Hazard Clean Up

We are professionals that can handle anything. A backed up toilet, backed up sewage line, septic tank over flow into your house, and many many more. First General Services of the Alleghenies can clean it and make it safe in your home again. When cleaning all the recommended ways of cleaning and sanitizing will be utilized. Bio hazard clean up would also be considered if you had an accident and blood clean up was needed. Cleaning up animal waste could be considered in the category.

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Drapes and Blinds

At First General we are able to take those dirty drapes or blinds. Clean them to make them look like new. What once would be tedious and manotanous work for an individual. Just task First General with completing it and consider it completed. We will take them down. Clean them whether we can use the specialized equipment to clean blinds or drapes. Like steam cleaning. We will plan and proceed with the correct action.

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Trauma and Crime

Our trained technicians at First General Services will clean and deodorize your property promptly, professionally, and discreetly in your time of need. First General Services will remove, package, transport, and dispose of the contaminated waste. In addition, we can repair all structural damage that may have occurred. Our goal is to lessen the emotional trauma of family members and friends by removing physical evidence of the scene, and at the same time, restoring the scene to a clean state.

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Vandalism and Graffiti

First General Service is an emergency first responder in the event of acts of vandalism necessitating immediate action. In the event of a break-in, our 24/7 emergency response team will secure the property and prevent further damage/loss. With specialized cleaning capabilities, FGS' personnel can mitigate graffiti-type issues at a fraction of the cost of traditional cleaning methods, returning the property to pre-loss condition with minimal interruption and/or delay.

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Document Restoration

We have a process of cleaning documents and pictures. That have been water damage or smoke damaged. This is a difficult and at times can be very successful. After we clean them we put the items in our cleaning room. It will remove the smell from them. From smoke, soot, to mold and mildew. You can count on us to save your memories.

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Air Ducts and Heating Cooling Systems

First General Services has a device that will allow us to clean your duct and heating/cooling system. This is important for people with allergies and after a fire or furnace malfunction. The property may be clean but once you turn that HVAC System back on it will push all the dust and stuff in the system back out. To stop this from happening we clean the duct with our equipment. We can provide this service on large or small homes. Just give first general a call and they can help you will all your duct and HVAC cleaning needs.

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Standard Cleaning Services

At First General Services of the Alleghenies we can provide you with cleaning services for any occasion. If you need a mess cleaned up after a party, or you need just a little help because work is crazy right now. We can provide that service. With our extensive knowledge in the restoration business this becomes an asset because we can do the job way quicker than most. We can remove the smoke smell from a car that you want to sell. We can detail that car for you. Clean your couch. Scrub the rugs in your house. Just call us we can clean it!

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Content Cleaning and Storage

First General Services maintains the highest standard of training in the latest cleaning and deodorizing techniques and products available. Together with out extensive inventory of cleaning equipment, this capability allows FGS to mitigate fire, smoke, water damaged items with a lessened cost to the owner/insurer. Carpets and upholstery can be cleaned and deodorized either on site, or if necessary transported to our facility for specialized treatment/cleaning. First General Services' experienced Project Managers/Estimators have years of experience in assessing residential and commercial structures that is brought to bear in the preparation of accurate repair estimates for any size loss.

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Pre-Sale or Move-In Services

First General Services has realize that a service that is becoming very popular. When you are selling a house and the house needs to look like its in tip top shape. People will jump at the chance to buy something that looks nice and won't need much work when moving in. Just call us we can help you get your house to that point. Or if you are about to move into a house and its kind of dirty. The previous didn't clean when they were leaving just give us a call we can get it cleaned for you so when you go to move it it will be nice and clean.