Storm Damage Restoration/Repair Services

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Storm Damage

There is many things that can happen from a storm that will affect your property. Wind damage, Water damage, lightning strikes, falling trees on your house, and many many other things. There is a lot that could happen to your property. Just remember when something happens your not alone we are here to help. Call us anytime, day or night.

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Recovery Process

After a storm you can call First General Services of the Alleghenies. We will be able to help you get your property back to normal. Whether you are missing some shingles. Siding has been ripped off. We can work to get your property back to the way it should be. Call us any time. We will come and help day or night.

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Mold Mitigation

With our certified restorers, First General Services can handle any size commercial or residential loss. Whether the damage is from a broken pipe or a sewer backup, FGS has the capabilities to extract, clean, sanitize, and dry out your structure quickly and thoroughly. Moisture is pinpointed, monitored, and dried through the use of specialty equipment. Anti-microbial, disinfectants, sanitizes, and/or deodorizers are applied. Monitoring equipment is used to assess and monitor a loss. Large inventory of residential and commercial drying and de-humidification equipment in stock.

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Content Cleaning

When fire or disaster strikes your home or office, you may fine yourself worried about your personal or business contents that remain. When this happens, you are going to be faced with the extraordinary task of boxing up and cleaning you salvageable items and doing inventory on your damages. When you are in need of some one to help you, First General Services of the Alleghenies is the experts here to help you. First General Services is here when you need us to help you organize your inventory and sort contents. We do this for every room and for every item in your home. This pack out procedure includes dishes, food, clothes, toys, papers, files, furniture, electronics and etc. You can trust us to make sure that everything is inspected, examined, cleaned and recorded. We make sure that we keep accurate records of all items and add to those lists as needed.