Water Damage Restoration/Repair

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Water Damage

Water damage worsens with every passing hour. The more immediate the response and the quicker that water damage removal and clean-up begins, the less damage and the faster you are back to normal. Costly issues can arise within seventy two hours if they are not addressed quickly. Only certified restoration professionals such as First General Services can handle water damage restoration. Returning your property to its dry state is a fine science that requires the right amount of time and equipment, and monitoring. We work to stabilize the environment and minimize any impact to the occupants. We commit to a two hour response time under normal circumstances and use sufficient drying equipment to complete stabilization in the shortest period possible.

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Toilet and Sewer Over Flow

One of the main problems people face water damage wise is from either a toilet clogging and backing up into their house. This not only causes water damage to the property. This causes some disease concerns. It is important to get someone on this right away. Another issue is when the sewer will back up from the main line on the street. That will cause it to back up into your house. Neighborhood sewage will flow back into your house. This will cause whole basements to fill up. Just know we are here to help. Give us a call we will come and help you day or night!

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Ice Damage

Most common ice damage comes from a roof. When an ice dam builds up in your gutters. This causes them to direct the water to the house. Then the water will leak through out the property. You can prevent this by calling us when you see it happening. We will remedy the problem. Also give you some preventative measures. For all your ice issues give us a call.

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Pipe Freezing

Pipes freezing is one of the most common issues we see in the winter months. A pipe that is on an out side wall or is exposed to the elements just a little bit. Is endanger of freezing. You may have a vacant property this is where pipes may freeze too. If you go away on vacation and for some reason your heating goes out. Pipes will freeze and burst. The pipes bursting is not the worst part. The bad part is water damage that will come from it. Water will go through out the property if a pipe bursts.

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Home Winterization

At First General Services of the Alleghenies we know that we live in a part of the world where the winters become very cold. When people want to make sure their house is going to be good during the winter. Then call us. We will make sure that no pipes will be exposed to the elements or the pipes that are exposed will be able to with stand the elements. This is very important for a property that is vacant during the winter months. Like a cabin. Call us to help you prepare for the next winter season.

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Content Cleaning and Storage

When fire or disaster strikes your home or office, you may fine yourself worried about your personal or business contents that remain. When this happens, you are going to be faced with the extraordinary task of boxing up and cleaning you salvageable items and doing inventory on your damages. When you are in need of some one to help you, First General Services of the Alleghenies is the experts here to help you. First General Services is here when you need us to help you organize your inventory and sort contents. We do this for every room and for every item in your home. This pack out procedure includes dishes, food, clothes, toys, papers, files, furniture, electronics and etc. You can trust us to make sure that everything is inspected, examined, cleaned and recorded. We make sure that we keep accurate records of all items and add to those lists as needed.